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As opposed to working up through the ranks, you’ll probably want to do what i did and jump right into the highest racing levels of “project cars 2&rdquo. Watch video · project cars 2 builds on its predecessor with improved handling and impressive scope, but it still suffers from unruly ai and a slew of bugs. Project cars 2 playstation 4 review project cars 2 is the best example yet that a racing game is only as strong as its circuits. Two years down the line from the initial release of project cars and slightly mad studios has given us a.

Sep 25,  · find reviews, trailers, release dates, news, screenshots, walkthroughs, and more for project cars 2 here on gamespot. Watch video · will project cars' crowd-sourced approach to development succeed twice?

Sep 18,  · watch video · project cars 2 is really the best kind of racing game sequel: one that’s improved so meaningfully it’s hard to . Nov 11,  · project cars 2 preview – slightly mad studios has created a racer that feels truly big budget, with incredible visuals and great handling.

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